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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Speed Drawing: Wedding Portrait

I do free portrait drawings for people who support me by following, subscribing or donating. Or if I just like the way you are. Follow more of my work on

Wedding drawing portrait

This is an wedding portrait drawing I did on an 1m canvas. It took me almost 3months to finish it because I have a primary job. I am working on combining these two so I can draw more for you. Well let me say, that I do free portrait drawings and post them with a free shoutout to any social network you want me to. But only if you follow, subscribe or become friends with me on any social network you can find me. I then upload a speed drawing video of that drawing on youtube. Tell me what you thing about my idea by commenting below. The links to my social media networks are in my description. Thanks to all you art bros who already support me.